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Ma, Amherst

We connect individuals in marginalized communities to job opportunities, microloans opportunities, and educational resourcesĀ 

Eligibility: Low Income, Amherst, Under 40K,

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Mahogany Rho

Boston, Massachusetts

We connect philanthropist to communities in need. We are committed to closing the racial equity gap and creating an inclusive economy

Eligibility: New York,Massachusetts,Women,

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The GK Fund

Boston, Massachusetts

The GK Fund was founded by Colette Phillips, Michael Benezra, and Andre Porter in December of 2019 to close the racial and gender wealth gap by facilitating access to capital, technology and mentorship for startups and small businesses with BIPOC founders. The fund is supported by a dedicated network of foundations, corporations and individuals. Through its portfolio of integrated programming and partnerships, the fund helps promising founders to build connections, secure loan capital, legal assistance, marketing exposure and access to investors.

Eligibility: BIPOC, Women, Startups, Boston, Massachusetts

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