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To apply for the program of your choice, explore the given pages, select and apply to an organization you believe fit their workforce development program. The administrator for the page will review each request and notify the student of the decision and next steps.

To be considered eligible, the student must:

  • Be currently enrolled in High School or College
  • Fit Criteria for program requirements
  • Demonstrate good standing in school

True Given's Organization Partners

A Given Page is your own, fully branded, and customized way to present workforce development programs. Students can easily find your page and apply for these programs. When people share your organization's Given Page using their social media and other marketing channels, they generate awareness and appreciation for your organization and also for their cause (one reason they want to share your page).

Employers, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, nonprofit community-based training organizations, and private career schools interested in supporting our mission can subscribe to the True Given Platform. True Given measures organizations using two criteria - their commitment to our mission and their quantifiable impact.

More about True Given

Simple! At True Given, we believe that by investing in individuals, you are investing in the community, and we believe impact related giving is True Given

True Given is a Public Benefits Corporation ("PBC") headquartered in Amherst MA. Our status a PBC means we have a legal obligation to uphold our promise of prioritizing social impact. We believe True Given should be a self-sustainable business so we can have the most impact for the students we are serving.
True Given is not itself a 501(c)3 charity. True Given partners with 501(c)3 organizations.

Email us at, and we'll get back to you quickly. We're always open to feedback and new ideas!

Fees and Costs

Yes, there is a monthly subscription fee to feature your organization on the True Given website.

We make money from subscription fees. We believe True Given should be a self-sustainable business so we can have the most impact for the students we are serving. We are so grateful for your support and encouragement.

We partner with Stripe, one of the world's leading payment processors, to handle our transactions. For more information, please refer to this information on Stripe security.

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