True Given is Live!

Tue 04 May 2021

True Given is live!

It is with a spirit of the contribution that I share True Given. 

True Given is a technology platform for organizations to efficiently and responsibly provide cash grants and share resources with individuals, communities, and businesses. Even before the pandemic and the apparent need for a solution like True Given, we had identified other applications of True Given, especially in higher education, to support their students (BIPOC and low-income students) with cash grants to improve and ensure their chances of graduating. I know from personal experience the importance of cash grants, and this was one of the main reasons I started True Given. Over 37% of adults cannot cover an unexpected $400 expense with savings, and about 60%of Americans have a financial shock each year; half find it difficult to make ends meet for months afterward.

From September 2020 - February 2021, the team ran an initial pilot test with a partner non-profit to understand the feasibility of providing cash grant funds. In collaboration with our partner, we designed, tested, and evaluated the True Given Platform that facilitated the fund request and distribution process with excellent results!

We are currently looking for amazing organizations to join our second pilot program. Do you know any philanthropists, innovative organizations, higher education institutions, foundations, non-profits, or corporations working to close the racial wealth gaps and catalyze an inclusive and equitable economy?

Most importantly, A Special Thank You to Valley Venture Mentors, E for All, Cambridge Community Foundation, and City of Boston Economic Development Technical Assistance for all the support! Thank you for being part of the story far.

Ever Grateful,

Babatunde Ajao

Founder, True Given