An Impact Story: A single working mom juggling care for her kids and pay bills

Wed 09 Jun 2021

“I cried of relief when my request for funds was approved. I was so relieved that we would not be on the street and that I would be able to get food for my kids.That day was a big day for me. I’ll never forget it.”

Sarah needed to take her youngest child to the hospital, who was feeling sick. Juggling the medical expenses, taking care of her kids, and paying her bills, Sarah had a lot on her plate.

Having to choose between taking unpaid leave and taking her child to the hospital, she felt overwhelmed and out of options. An email about the True Given showed up just in time.

After applying for and receiving a cash grant, Sarah received the well-needed funds to make sure she didn't fall behind on her bills, and it gave her peace of mind. She says receiving the grant felt like being saved from drowning. Sarah looks forward to spreading the word about True Given and donating to True Given as an expression of her gratitude and to support her colleagues during life’s unexpected challenges.

If you’re a mission-based organization looking to provide a grant option to individuals in your community, please reach out to us to explore setting up a True Given account at your organization. Learn more here.