About Truegiven

Our Ideaology


To make it easy for anyone to make an impact in the lives of students, making it easier for the students to maximize their full potential as individuals and contributors to society.


We realized that young adults are affected by the rapid changes in the workforce which renders their skills obsolete and leaves them without the new skills they require. So we created a platform for students to explore career choices while being informed of the workforce trends.


Our vision is to make choosing a career path accessible to all.

Our Story

It all started in Graduate School by the founder Babatunde Ajao. Who during his time at school experienced firsthand how his colleagues were finding it difficult to find jobs with their degrees . The rapidly changing workforce rendered their skills obsolete and leaves them without the new skills they require demands. Babatunde thought about the effect on not only the students but the impact to the economy.
America could forego $975 billion in economic growth in the next decade if it can’t meet the demand for new skills in the New Digital Age. He gathered enough evidence that indicated that lack of alternative options for students to join the workforce was a real issue in America, so he decided to turn theory into practice by starting True Given. A platform to address the current and future workforce needs.

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Our Team

Babatunde Ajao - CEO

Before True Given, Babatunde studied Sustainable Development with a focus in community development, social impact, and Innovation at SIT Graduate Institute. Before that, he spent a year in the Marshall Islands teaching Mathematics, English, and Chemistry to High School student. With a background in Mathematics, Economics, and computer science coupled with a unique perspective gained as a sustainable development practitioner, the operation feels like a cross between a startup and a sustainability project

You ?

We're hiring! We're growing the team, looking for world-class talent. Get in touch if you want to learn more about opportunities at admin@truegiven.com

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